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Raised Garden Bed

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

With the Covid19 pandemic in our midst we decided, "Hey, let's make a raised garden bed!"

Covid19 had me thinking I need a garden!

Inspired by thoughts of summer and delicious fresh vegetables, I asked my husband "How about we make a raised garden bed?" Of course he said "sure", not knowing at all what he was getting into.

It was a project of love that now offers some delicious vegetables and herbs. I read all about how to grow tomatoes, herbs, lettuces, and beets organically. We prepared the soil with compost, worm castings, cow manure, and organic soil. So far, as you can see, the garden is producing nicely. Can't wait for those tomatoes!

It's very rewarding to sow a seed and watch it grow into a mature plant. I'm loving my tomato plants, they are tall and beautiful. With some loving, tender care, some good organic vegetable food, and some wise gardening tips, we hope to have a healthy harvest to enjoy with family and friends. It was so worth the effort!

Gnome on Guard Fresh Veggies A salad with goat cheese

Our first little tomato on one of the tomato plants on our excited!!

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